Highlights from the conversation

The Chief Diversity Officer and Thought Leadership
An In-Depth Conversation About
the Global Impacts of Identity,
Labels and Colorism on Societies,
Communities and Business.

Washington, DC: 25 Feb - 26 Feb, 2014

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Energetic conversations on global migration D&I implications and ground-breaking research on identity, labels and colorism

True Blue Inclusion’s “In-Depth Conversation About the Global Impacts of Identity, Labels and Colorism,” hosted by The German Marshall Fund (GMF) at their Washington, DC headquarters, engaged participants and guests in candid fashion on an intriguing core agenda. The dialogue connected leading practitioners, academics and thinkers around with provocative ideas about two hot-list. Candid, open and expansive in the True Blue style, the group brought refreshingly new focus and new mindsets to the task of “where do we go from here.”

Lively and eye-opening dialogue flowed among participants and speakers. Dr. Justin Gest, Harvard University, and Dr. Marci Eads, University of Colorado led keynote discussions. From Dr. Gest: ““For business leaders, these patterns are critical in understanding emerging workforce and consumer trends and implications. Equally important is understanding government behaviors, as the tendency of most governments is not to implement what they legislate.” From Dr. Eads: ““What is colorism? It’s a concept that has been studied primarily in family, social psychology literature, family work, social work and similar disciplines ... (the) subject is ripe for research and I can think of no better group to make sense out of it and benefit from understanding the impact it has on organizations and talent than the diversity and inclusion business community.”


  • “The incredible thought leadership, the caliber of the connections made and the recognition of the larger community of people involved in this work are of tremendous value to me.”
  • “The dialogue will generate new ideas about topics from a more global perspective and enhance how I currently think about our strategy internationally.”
  • “Appreciated the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with a group of practitioners and to hear different points of view on these issues.”