Highlights from the conversation

Setting the Lens: Visualizing the Future
An In-Depth Conversation
About Next Generation Diversity
& Inclusion Leadership and
Business Strategies

Miami, FL: 10 Sept - 11 Sept, 2013



Predictive analytics potential explored,
future of CDO candidly discussed

True Blue Inclusion’s “In-Depth Conversation About Next Generation Diversity & Inclusion Leadership" gathering, hosted by Visa at their Miami facilities and with sponsorship by Ingersoll Rand, engaged participants and guests in candid conversation on a core agenda of predictive analytics and the future of CDO work. The dialogue connected leading practitioners, academics and thinkers around an agenda that provoked new thinking. Candid, open and expansive in the True Blue style, the group brought refreshingly new focus and a surprisingly new mindset to building innovative solutions.

Participants and speakers created lively and eye-opening dialogue. Dr. Terry Esper, University of Arkansas, and Dr. Randy Bradley, University of Tennessee -- both data scientists -- explored the applications of predictive analytics to the diversity and inclusion profession. It was an eye-opening discussion full of revelations and portent. Those new understandings served as an incredibly relevant backdrop for additional thought sharing about the current and future role and content of the CDO position. A signature True Blue networking dinner brought everyone together to help build relationships. The full meeting report (available as a pdf in the left column) provides more insightful detail.

Comments from participants:

  • “Highly unusual to be with a group of such powerful people – thinkers and doers – and to be able to network your own agenda forward.”
  • “I found this Deep Dive profound … seldom have I been able to talk about diversity and increasing your customer base and profits with so many understanding people.”
  • “Biggest asset for me was the high level of trust with open communication. We had moving, open, reflective conversation.”

Upcoming Events

  • Transatlantic Security and Diversity, Washington, DC, Oct. 29-30, 2013 (coming soon)