Highlights from the conversation

Global Thought
Leadership: Europe

London: 16 April - 17 April 2013

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A succinct, tightly focused conversation on Diversity and Inclusion issues facing Europe.

True Blue Inclusion’s "Global Thought Leadership: Europe," hosted by Barclays and Chevron at Barclays’ London Headquarters, engaged participants and guests in candid conversation on Diversity and Inclusion issues in the European business environment. The two-day dialogue connected leading doers and thinkers on topics delivering immediate value for diversity professionals, whether based in the US or in Europe. Candid, open and expansive in the True Blue style, the group brought refreshingly new focus and a surprisingly new mindset to building innovative solutions. One outcome was a request to expand this approach, both in content and by geography.

Coincident True Blue Inclusion research on global issues provided a real-time grounding for discussion. Participants and speakers spoke their minds and shared thoughts about gender issues 2015 and beyond, how to partner corporate and community voices, the EU overlay for diversity, how technology innovation impacts diversity across borders, bridging cultural differences for a common goal ... and much more.

Comments from the post-event survey:

  • “An amazing gathering of world-class individuals with demonstrated expertise, passion and thought leadership...”
  • “Way beyond my expectations ... extremely thought-provoking ... walked away with much greater understanding of the larger picture.”
  • “Already, there’s much resulting discussion within my leadership team on what we can do individually and collectively to be more proactive.”
  • “The resulting thought on diversity leaders as BUSINESS leaders ... needs to be explored in more detail.”